New $50 Rebate On TED 5000 Systems From Energy Inc. and Weems Creek Solutions

Announcing a new first ever limited time manufacturer rebate from Weems Creek Solutions and Energy Inc. on all TED 5000 systems.

Weems Creek Solutions is excited to offer a first ever limited time rebate of as much as 25% off of the purchase price on all TED 5000 Power Monitoring Systems. This special promotion is offered in partnership with the manufacturer, Energy Inc.   It  is valid on the following complete systems: TED 5000C, 5002C, 5003C, 5004C, TED 5000G, 5002G, 5003G, 5004G.
Each of these products purchased through Weems Creek Solutions will be shipped within 24 hours or less by USPS Priority Mail complete with an enclosed $50.00 direct Manufacturer Rebate Coupon. The purchaser can then send the coupon directly to Energy Inc. to receive the rebate. Further details of this rebate are printed on the coupon, but there is virtually no “small print” and no  multi-page instructions. Simply buy your conforming TED 5000 system from Weems Creek Solutions by June 8, 2013 send in the rebate card to Energy Inc. and within 6 weeks you will receive your $50 rebate.
We have been selling these monitors at list price for several years and we have consistently received absolutely top ratings on Amazon and e-bay by purchasers who tell how they used them to cut their energy use and thereby save many times the purchase price.  This short term price break multiplies the cost benefit ratio and decreases the pay back interval.
This offer is further limited only to manufacturer’s stock. If the stock runs out on individual models before June 8, the special order will be withdrawn on that model, so we urge you to order soon.

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